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Crystal Skulls Pictures

May 19, 2008 08:06:06     16 pics     1041 hits
Now the movie of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull brings up the interest on the mysterious Cystal Skulls. For decades the famous crystal skull in the Museum of Mankind in London was believed by many to be, and indeed labelled, 'probably Aztec' - and also to possess healing and other mysterious powers, including that of moving around within its glass cabinet on the first floor of the Museum... But all that has changed, and most experts now think it's a 19th. century fake, made in Europe! Its current home is the Americas section of the main British Museum... According to many mystics an ancient North American legend tells of 13 crystal skulls - some still to be discovered - which share information about the origins and destiny of humankind. One day, it's said, at a time of great need, all the crystal skulls would be rediscovered and brought together to reveal their message for humanity. The fact that the Aztecs believed in 13 planes of 'heaven', and that they produced precious crystal ornaments seemed to add weight to the idea that the crystal skulls could be genuinely 'ancient'.
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